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Data show less to sell to buy more foreign Shanghai property

Shanghai real estate advisory body to release more than the statistics show that investment in Shanghai property market is strong, substantial increase in the proportion of foreign investment in property transactions, the real estate industry ranked first in five weeks straight. However, of concern

Shanghai housing prices or in August as soaring two breakthr

The main cause is listed together luxury, if removal of the factors, the Shanghai housing prices in August than in July will increase by 5% Our reporter in the Bing-bing As a result of several major luxury in the concentration of the release in August, the Shanghai housing price this month and two a

The amout of house business droped first in July in Shangh

Ring than minus two percent but rising as 7 months before the new house supply gap as much as Shanghai 4,270,000 square meters (Reporter:朱楠) Shanghai property market this year has been the sharp rebound in trading volume is always less than the supply of the phenomenon, after 6 months, after ris