Virtual Office Solution

  • Center of a five-star standard business office address - printed on your business card, letterhead and promotional materials on E-mail to receive and transmit - receive e-mail, sign for the parcel and in accordance with the note you sent to you That is, that is to be used for administration and support of our professional team - the administration and use of our professional team shanghai support
  • Luxurious conference room - can be in our business center of the region each month free of charge to use our Conference Room 4 hours / month, can accommodate 8 to 10 people, equipped with telephone and network
  • Fax and photocopying - can send and receive fax and copying on behalf of Front desk service standards - formal, style of the future, in order to provide you with customer service guidelines and reception
  • Ordinary telephone answering service - on behalf of all calls answered and forwarded a message to you The style of the modern office environment: - the scene of hundreds of square meters of modern office and style, you calmly "epiphany" door-to-door inspection of the clients and customers booking

The latest price:300 yuan / month(Full-year price: 3000 yuan / year)

Provisional Company

  • We placed the entire office to your corporate information, arranged into your company
  • Office staff: Office staff to configure several of your employees as a common reception Guest
  • Conference Room: 3 ~ 10 people to receive the conference room for your customers
  • Company nameplate: to help put the company nameplate
  • Business office: to provide printing, copying, fax, pure water, broadband Internet access and other office support

the lowest price: 1500 RMB / day (for Inland Revenue Department, the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Cultural Affairs, such as address verification of all the executive authorities; customers, agents, such as temporary office site inspection requirements)

Virtual Office in Shanghai

  • Office Address: shanghai the center of the chain to use the Office address as your company's business address printed on your business card, letterhead and promotional materials on
  • The availability of meeting rooms at preferential prices to allow you to receive customer
  • When you or your customer contacts Shanghai, shanghai price for you to provide high-level commercial vehicle transport, accommodation, booking, travel arrangements, such as one-stop business travel service

the lowest priceï¼?200 Yuan/year

Shanghai use of the virtual office plans, your company pay the price of the traditional office will be a small part of the Office from the high-grade image of infinite benefit. Shanghai our virtual office plans to provide many services, from personalized telephone answering service support facilities in the provision of professional support and the environment office environment for some time, everything. Virtual Office

  • Office In UK
  • Fax:+44 1989 565505
  • Telphone:+44 1989 561717
  • Mobie:none
  • Address:Unit 6, Wolf Business Park Alton Road, Ross-on-Wye
  • Office in Shanghai:
    No.58, Lane 1398, Zhen Chen Road, Bao Shan District, Shanghai, China.
    PC: 200444
    Tel: 0086-21-61427716
    Fax: 0086-21-61427750